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Our Approach

How do we connect with your prospects before they reach for the remote…trash the package…or click off the page? It’s all in our approach.

Listen. Explore. Engage. Convince.

“When your writing is judged by how many people respond, you learn how to prioritize a well-crafted call-to-action over pretty words and poetry.”
—Rosemary Donze-McCue

The first step is to listen.
What makes your product or service a must-have? How does it outshine the competition? We ask the right questions—even the ones you hadn’t thought of. The answers are out there. You just have to listen.

Exploring will uncover the truth.
Next comes total immersion. The deep dive into your benefits, features, research, data and history. Why did your control win? Why did your losers lose? Digging toward the core of your offer until the big idea emerges.

Compelling concepts to engage your prospects.
Heads, subs and images...dialogue and action...all come together at once to bridge the positioning with the promise. Combining the USP and the most salient benefits into one compelling message. Stopping your prospects in their tracks to get them inside the copy. This is the fun part.

Now it’s time to convince.
Our job is to become one with your brand’s voice. Our job is also to sell—your product…your mission… your service.  We know that the best way to convince the masses is by approaching every piece of sales copy as if it were a personal conversation.




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